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Halibut fishing is our main attraction!
Halibut fishing is our main attraction
The action is rarely boring

Good Time Charters proudly offers fun salmon and halibut fishing charters to those visiting Homer, Anchor Point and Seldovia, Alaska. We fish for king salmon all year, and we fish for halibut every month except January. Year-round fishing fine-tunes our operation, providing plenty of fishing knowledge and experience, as well as fresh fish for the table every month of the year.

Halibut fishing is our main attraction! Anchor Point has had two halibut over 450 lbs caught in 60 feet of water within two miles of shore. These two fish were over 100 lbs heavier than your average halibut derby winner. More like catching than fishing, the action is rarely boring. You never know if the next bite will be a 20-pounder or one that weighs more than you do.

Anchor Point is an advantageous location
fishing charters anchor point
location, location, location!


We often depart from Homer when the tractor launch off Anchor Point isn`t launching boats due to swells on the beach. Seldovia is another advantageous departure point when fishing to the south. Only accessible by boat or small airplane, Seldovia is a fishing village southwest of Homer at the mouth of Kachemak Bay and a special place to visit. We depart from all three locations depending upon the time of year, where we want to fish and the weather. If possible, we prefer two more hours of fishing time and two hours less travel time by departing from Anchor Point or Seldovia.

King Salmon Charter Fishing Trips: Anchor Point is the first "bus stop" for spawning king salmon and spawning king salmon returning to Kenai Peninsula streams. Most spawners weigh 25 to 50 lbs, but there is always the chance for a much bigger fish from May through the first week of August. Seven Kenai River fish over 90 pounds have been caught. The largest was 97.25 lbs. Silver salmon are available while on anchor halibut fishing as early as July 10th. Pink salmon, red salmon, chum salmon and dolly varden trout are also possible and make a great fresh fish meal as they are as fresh as can be.

While halibut are delicious,
our best tasting fish
homer salmon fishing
are the "feeder" king salmon

Halibut are a culinary delight. Their meat is snowy white and has a mild flavored, non-fishy taste. While halibut are delicious, our best tasting fish are the "feeder" king salmon. These king salmon are in the ocean phase of their life cycle. Their meat is more tender, more moist and healthier to eat as well, all due to the high level of Omega 3 oil in their flesh. Some feeder kings have white meat, which is prized by upscale restaurants.

We have caught white meat feeder king salmon up to 45 lbs while off Anchor Point halibut fishing. It`s a great way to have a lackluster trip turn into a memorable trip! Most feeder kings weigh 18 to 22 lbs but it`s exciting to know that one over 40lbs is possible any day of the year! Mike Goss of Enterprise, Oregon caught a 46.5 lb red meat feeder king with Good Time Charters on February 16th!

Anchor Point is the first "bus stop"
homer halibut charters
for spawning King salmon

Multi-Species Fishing Trips: Our multi-species trip produces a colorful catch. Orange Yelloweye rockfish, brown lingcod, white halibut, black rockfish and silver salmon! The scenery along the coast is spectacular and fishing in the lee of an island if it gets windy is a nice option. Humpback whales and Orca whales seem to be more prevalent on this trip. Black bears and mountain goats are sometimes seen along the coast as well. Lingcod season starts July 1st and silver salmon fishing peaks the middle of August. This trip requires a long boat ride. Departing from and returning to Seldovia provides more fishing time.

	Charter Fishing TripsHalibut Charter Fishing Trips: On our “Hardcore Halibut Trips” we catch a better percentage of larger halibut but we certainly have to work hard for them. The long run beyond where most charters fish isn`t a trip we are willing to make on a daily basis as water conditions are often challenging. And a lot of undesirable large fish inhabit the same deep water. Big black pacific sleeper sharks seem most likely June 20th to July 15th and we often lose tackle to big salmon sharks that are related to the great white shark. Then we have pacific or grey cod that are larger than cod caught in shallower water and large northern skates that look like a sting ray. We also catch arrowtooth and starry flounder that are easier to reel to the surface but are poor table fare. Parties wanting multiple trips are more suited to this trip for variety as well as a better chance of picking a day with calmer water conditions. We also like to hear about any possible flexible days in your schedule as often a single day can make a considerable difference between a challenging day on the water and a productive enjoyable one.


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Sightseeing and Wildlife TourSilver Salmon and Brown Bear Trips: Our remote silver salmon/ brown bear trip is the best salmon fishing you can hope to experience! The last week of August is best. Most silver salmon get "lockjaw" about 7AM when the sun rises but these silvers strike eagerly all day long! Watching two separate salmon following your lure and seeing one strike, quickly losing it and having the other still nail the same lure before it gets to you is the type of action I`m talking about! This trip requires a one-hour floatplane trip across the Cook Inlet to meet the boat. Brown bears are everywhere, but they are usually well fed and laying around with full stomachs. When the tide goes dry, we see a lot of bears right from the boat. Sleeping safely aboard the boat provides many "Kodak" moments.

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