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Halibut fishing has been our main attraction!
Halibut fishing is our main attraction
The action is rarely boring

Good Time Charters proudly offers fun fishing charters to those visiting Anchor Point, Homer and Seldovia. We fish for king salmon year around and halibut every month except January. Year round fishing keeps Nona’s Ark running smoothly and fresh fish on the table. Every trip is an adventure. We are dedicated to the outdoor journey of discovery and many more tasty fish meals!

Halibut fishing
has been our main attraction. The sign proclaiming Homer as the Halibut Capital of the World has become an attraction as well with visitors often seen getting their picture taken under the sign. Halibut action is rarely booring and it is exciting to know they can be as big as a barn door and weigh more than you do! Our largest has been a 338#er caught by Jill Lehmkuhl of Idaho Falls, Idaho. (October 1st!) Halibut is mild flavored, non fishy tasting and a culinary delight. It can be overcooked easily though. Cooking individual small pieces with a butane cooking torch is a good way to not overcook the whole fillet. Click on Photos, then Potpourri to see this torch.

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King salmon trolling can be very booring! Often productive one week and easily not that productive the next week. They are chock full of Omega 3 oils and have lots of flavor. The fillets are usually orange colored, some have white meat like a halibut and some have mottled orange and white meat. The meat color is a result of genes and not the food they eat. Unlike halibut and mature salmon, feeder king salmon can be overcooked and still taste delicious. They are actively feeding in our coastal waters and typically weigh 15-22#’s. Our largest has been a 46.5#er caught by Mike Goss of Wallowa, Oregon. (February 16th!)

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Combo fishing trips concentrate on two of the following species: rockfish, salmon, halibut. Black rockfish provide even quicker action than most but not all halibut trips. Silver salmon in August can also put a lot of fish in the boat quickly. The halibut fishing will concentrate on action spots rather than larger halibut. Pacific cod, also called Gray cod are a bonus/ incidental catch. Multi-species trips provide our most colorful catch. Very orange Yelloweye rockfish, white halibut, black rockfish, brownish lingcod, bright silver salmon and even more colorful Quillback, Tiger or China rockfish on occasion. It’s a long run for a day trip and the weather is often challenging but the long coastal run is beautiful and often encounters both Humpback and Orca whales.
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Brown bear trip: Watch bears chasing salmon and digging clams on the beach late July and August safely aboard Nona’s Ark. Her catamaran hull goes dry nice and level, her heated cabin is nice to pop in and out of on buggy or rainy days and we can eat meals while watching bears.

There is no need for bear spray, chest waders, walking sticks or rafting to shore. Travel time is 3-4 hours round trip with about 8 hours of taking pictures in beautiful Kamishak Bay!




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